Thursday, October 27, 2011

When Life Happens

When Life Happens

When life happens, don’t forget to once in awhile take a deep breath and ponder about why crabs walk sideways.

Those little wonders, just take a few minutes of your precious time. Between your home and your office, the people you met, the people you try to avoid, the people you try to understand, the Hoopla of your life, as chaotic as it seems, it’s just a part of a big systematic chaos and order relationships. You must unravel and be undone, before you could be rebirth. That’s how it is.

The world, the earth, the place where odd creatures roams, where words can cut like a knife and a nod means yes.Where bank accounts are your safety net and a single piece of paper can buy you a cup of coffee, morning newspaper and a bus ride. Just pick one person in that over filled bus and guess what problem he has. His pain is as painful as yours. No matter what problem he has. We all have scars, and life happens.

And then we forget the little wonders, the crabs that walk sideways, the blooming flowers, the fish that goes upstream, people’s smile, the mechanical genius of an analog clock, we forget to say thank you, and sorry. You thought that you deserve the right to be rude, because it’s a dog eat dog world. Did you not now, that happiness can sprung from helping people? Even though there’s an ongoing argumentation about wether you help people to feel good about yourself, or it’s genuinely a selfless act. but that’s another matter.

When your problems, seems to consume you, just take a moment out of your situation. Take a deep breath, and observe how the sun ray falls in between the trees and buildings, observe how each man and women has their own signature walk. Those little wonders, may not solve your problem, but they could offer you a sense of release. Just be silent, let your self absorb your surroundings, and surrender. There’s nothing wrong with being succumb to your being.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The invisible wall that everyone leans on to ,or the wipe cloth. That's who I am.
They won't notice that I'm around till I'm gone.

What would you do, if  I'm out of your life completly? that's if you notice it at all.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am amorpheus beyond recognition and staying blue for the sake of artistry.

I'm in a relationship with my phone.And navigating romance in today's technology is hell.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

So , here's the thing...

So , here's the thing...

I know that my problem is no greater then other people's problem,and I'm aware that it is part of life. But, it still pains me inside. Just like any problem would pain any random person in this world.

I won't post detailed version of what may be the problem, but that problem has pained my family. But there is no other way than chin up and stand up straight . It is heartbreaking that I couldn't be of any help for my parents right now. And every time my mother called, I felt powerless. I am an Island away, and all I can see is my parents in this condition that they're not supposed to be in.
I pray to dear God,.. Guide us.. it's all I can ask of right now. Because what we want may not be what we need. And sometimes , we're oblivious with what we need. All I want is to see my parents in a state of contentment.

I booked a ticket for August, everybody is assuming that it is because of this concert in Jakarta, and everyone who knows me knows, that music concerts is one of my fetish. But, you know, it may started that way, but now, weather I see the concert or not that would not be a significant thing. I'm just hoping that by then the house is sold, and it wil be an all together happy occasion. We will get by.

( and I would be able to see him , I would like him to be the one who visited me first, because I'm a dork who fantasies about the knight with shining armour who's going to save me,  but  yeah well, for practicality sake..)